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10:49pm 07/11/2006
mood: ecstatic
so,anyone who knows me, knew me when i went to penn state, or knows who Strongbad is, will understand this!!

The Song that strongbad created, TROGDOR *burninating all the peasants* is IN the new Playstation 2, Guitar Hero 2 GAME!!!

that's right people.. here i am, just relaxing.. playing my new game that just came out today.. and i decide to wander into the extra songs you can buy and play... and one of the options they put in this game.. si to play... duh duh duh... TROGDOR!!
the makers of this video gaem.. are by far.. the GREATEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!!

that is all!


*ps.. this is like, the GREATEST song of all time... Trogdor should be a worldwide hit by now, because i know i sing it ALL THE TIME!!*
04:10pm 16/06/2006
mood: bored
O WOW!!!!
i'm on a roll.. do you see this... one year since my last post!! OVER a year!!!!
well.. let me jsut send a little update..
first of all, i'm mainly on myspace now. i think i like Myspace more, because more of my friends are there and it's so much more diverse.
anyways, on to the good stuff!!
we still live in the same crappy apartment.. which totally sux, but oh well.. now that things are finally going OUR way, we should be out of the craphole by end of the year.. which would be super nice!! it is the WORST apartment complex i have ever seen.. and i thought i had seen some bad places...
lots of dramma occured recently when blane's friend moved in a few months ago and then moved out suddenly a few weeks ago without really giving us time to figure out a way to pay rent... it was really rude and selfish.. kinda frustrated me and blane...
the vast majority of my friends have kids, are having kids, just found out they are pregnant, or are getting marired.... which is REALLY freaking dumb of all of them....
most of them haven't even KNOWN their "significant" other that long.. i've BEEN with blane longer than some of these people have KNOWN there loved one... it drives me up a WALL!!
work is going FANTASTIC!!! I quit working at cingular back in january and got this KICK ass job at Premera Blue Cross.. i'm doin rEALLY well in my job. my supervisor wanted to give me a raise, but i haven't even been here 6 months yet. I'LL BE DONE WITH SCHOOL AT THE END OF THE YEAR!!! which really makes me happy because i jsut want to be done...
well.. this is just a quick update.. i'll be sure to TRY and post more later!!

This is SO BORING!!   
11:00am 04/08/2005
mood: bored
So.. right now.. I’m sitting at work.. listening to a conference call at work.. a rebroadcast of the call from last week.. and personally.. this is what I think of it..


What in the heck does any of this have to do with me.. I’m really just tuning it out and just typing away at the ‘puter!

Yesterday was a pretty kraptacular day….

Blane got his job back at the Silver Dollar casino a few weeks ago.. and it was the greatest thing for him and for us!! I’m loving it.. we’ve even started talking about moving into a house, renting a nice one around the Lynnwood area. Yesterday we determined a tentative date to have a house picked and a deposit paid and when we would move…

So.. I took a nap cuz I was exhausted.. and he left for work, around 4-ish… around 5:30, he was home and crawling into bed with me… freaked me out.. big time…

Turns out, last Tuesday, his sister and her new “he lives in texas, we met online a month ago, I’m moving to texas to be with him, we belong together forever” boyfriend, went into the casino to go see Blane.. well.. she took two HUGE cups from the drink area, filled them up with soda.. and then LEFT, without paying or anything.. because blane was the one working, and didn’t have them pay CUZ HE DIDN’T KNOW, they fired him when he went into work last nite.

It’s so retarded.. I just want everything to go smoothly for us FOR ONCE! I want us to be able to move into a house that can accommodate what we want and what we need… it’s just driving me bonkers lately..

What makes me feel bad is that Blane feels as if he is letting me down, disappointing me… you know.. I know he’s trying his hardest.. and I love him very much.. it’s so hard to get him to understand that small problems like this are not gonna make me hate him or think he’s a failure.. I love my man.. hehe

So.. I’m also gonna take some courses for Medical Transcription. They pay really well and Blane’s mom has gotten me really interested into the Medical field.. more than I was before.. and transcription is something I can do REALLY WELL!! Hehe… I’m gonna use the extra money I get from switching to nights, here at cingular since it’s a raise of $1.15 to help pay for the courses.. which is only $40 a month. Then I can work from home.. YAY!!

Well.. I should get goin’.. this call is done soon.. and I got work to do.. blah…

~~Holly Fierro
i'm ALIVE   
10:23am 19/07/2005
mood: busy
i'm alive..
doing okie...

been busy... but thought i would quickly say hello!!!!!!

i know some people have worried about me.. but have no fear.. my internet has just been wacko at home, so i haven't been able to post in a long while.. no worries though.. i think i've got it fixed.. and plus.. i've finally figured out how to access livejournal at work again!! MWAHAHA!!

anyways.. back to work.. ttyl!!

~~ holly :-D
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BORED at work...   
08:26am 27/04/2005
mood: bored
good mornin' everyone, how are you?

I'm doing fantastic.. i'm extremely bored sitting at work.. yesterday, we had training to do this new stuff yesterday.. and now.. we are off the phones for only god knows how long.. and because they haven't gotten all the bugs out of the system we have to be using, we essentially haven't done ANYTHING all day, or yesterday.. .lol

i just keep refreshing the same page and listening to music and talkin' and all that stuff.. it's really getting boring.. i mean.. it's great to get paid to sit here for 8 hours and do NOTHING.. but COME ON!! i'm SO BORED!!

in other news.. Blane is doing GREAT at his job.. he's been there for 4 weeks now... and he's lovin' it.. lol.. which is so awesome.. he's getttin' 40 hours a week.. which makes me SO DAMN HAPPY!!! eventually.. i will be DEBT free.. mwahhaha.....

oh yes.. and i have a resolution.. i want to do a marathon... and i'm totally being serious about this!!!!

i used to do the 5K walks for cancer and aids and stuff like that.. and i haven't doen one in so long.. so.. i pulled out my training schedule.. so.. i got a 30 week Marathon-training schedule combined with my strength and weightloss schedule.. and i think i'll be much more cheerful all the time... or at least most of the time.. i should be done with training near Thanksgiving.. so i'm gonna try and do a christmas walk i heard about here in washington.. which would boost my morale and all that jazz.. lol...

OOO.. plus.. i've only taken one quarter off from school and i already want to go back.. and i'm EXCITED to go back... i got some simple classes lined up, but classes that will better the skills i already have.. and help me advance within my job... i'm really excited about it.... i think most people thought i would just QUIT school and never return.. well.. i know i want to finish, i know i want to do something useful, and i know i want some sort of degree, but i want one that appeals to me, and will allow me to showcase the skills and abilities i've already gained, not something that has to be taught to me for 4 years.. that i get bored with after 2 quarters.. lol

well.. back to my boring job.. lol...

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just for fun.... again.. lol   
06:43pm 30/03/2005
mood: cold

LJ Friends Meme by coolerq

• You must tell 24 people about this game.
Blane is the one that you love.
Caleb is one you like but can't work out.
• You care most about Nina.
Heather is the one who knows you very well.
Bri is your lucky star.
Burning Bright is the song that matches with Blane.
Happy is the song for Caleb.
Blueberry yum yum is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.
• and Fall to pieces is the song telling you how you feel about life
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just cuz i was bored   
11:07am 30/03/2005
mood: lethargic
First job: Subway
First screen name: TwixGyrl4eva
First funeral: my best friend michael when i was in 9th grade
First pet: My precious puppy Drater *retard spelled backwards!!* he wuz such a good dog!!
First piercing/tattoo: my ears - piercing.. playboy bunny on my hip - tattoo
First credit card: My MBNA that wuz maxed out in a week buying books at Penn state.. STILL paying on it!! *JEWISH BASTARD!*
First kiss: Brain Cain.. 2 days after my 16th b-day!
First favorite musician: Boyz II Men

Last website visited: www.wellsfargo.com
Last car ride: 4:45 this morning on my way to work
Last kiss: This morning when I kissed blane good bye before leaving for work
Last library book checked out: A book I checked out a year a go, called “Palenque” for a project in an art class.. I never returned it.. hehe
Last movie watched: Kill Bill 2
Last beverage drank: Water
Last food consumed: Powdered Mini Donuts and Turkey Sandwhich
Last phone call: Monique, on my way to work
Last time showered: last night, right after I dyed my hair
Last CD played: Ron White “Drunk in Public”.. if you don’t know who he is, GET THIS CD!!!

Single or Taken: Taken, until the day I die!
Sex: you betchya… lol.. I’m a girl.
Birthday: March 24, 1984.. just recently turned 21!!
Sign: The worst of the Fire signs.. ARIES!!
Siblings: 12 year old brother, 3 year old sister.. and numerous "bros" and "sistaz"
Hair color: naturally.. DARK BROWN... currently... Auburn
Eye color: Blue… sumtimes greenish or greyish
Shoe size: 8
Height: 5'4"

Right now what are you...
Wearing: Blue Pac Sun shirt, White khaki pant, white sandals, grey sweater
drinking: water
Thinking about: How much I’m bored at work and I just want to get Early outs and GO HOME!!
Listening to: Nuthin’… just people talking in the call center
07:17am 22/03/2005
mood: awake
March 22nd is recognized as National Goof-Off Day, so relax and have a good time!! And if you get a chance...
Goof Off later in the day!!

hehe.. How is everyone doing?!?! i hope you all are doing fantastic.. my life is still kind of stuck in a rut, but it's a rut that i'm dealing wtih and hoping to be soon out of.

My headaches have minimized.. which is good.. i haven't missed a day of work, except for once, since i started taking the medicine the doc put me on.. which is totally good!!

i still get the flu, whenever anyone is sick.. but i still go to work, which shows that i REALLY WANT MY JOB!! i've been getting really irritable and kranky lately ,and recently started seeing a counselor, because i've been so frustrated and depressed feeling...

looks like i got a LOT of built up anger towards my parents, and when i was at my doctors last, she was asking some questions that might figure out about my headaches, and i just started freaking out about my family, and school, and the pressure my family puts on me, and everything else.. i started crying in her office... so.. she recommended the counselor.. and my counselor recommended taking a leave of absence from school.. which is prolly the best advice anyone has given me in a long time...

i'm more relaxed lately, focusing on actually getting my apartment looking decent, focusing more on work and being a team player *which i was already, but now i'm even kooler!!*, and just being a normal 20, almost 21, year old person.. i feel like i had to grow up to fast.. and that i never really had a chance to be myself and to enjoy having fun as a kid and a teenager... so i'm taking hte time to do that now.. and i will go back to school in a year.. when i do.. i'll prolly only be part time.. taking 2 classes a quarter at the most.. jsut so i can make sure i'm focusing on everything and i can do well.. I REALLY want my degree.. i just know that it's gonna take me awhile.. considering i have to do everything on my own, as in pay for school and pay to live, with no assistance from anyone.. which sux!!

in other news.. i might be BUYING a place here this summer.. which would be awesome.. cust the place i'm getting, i can mortgage for less than my rent right now.. which will allow me to save money.. money i can use for a trip.. a trip to a place i call.. FUN VALLEY!! but.. i gotta get the moolah.. i had the moolah, but blane lost his job.. so.. my moolah went to pay the bills.. which SUX!!

anywayz... i should get goin.. i'm at work.. oh.. ONLY 2 DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!!! HEHEHEHE!!

Until next time... see ya' soon!!
It's Almost My Birthday   
06:08pm 21/03/2005
mood: cheerful
i'm making this large enough so that anyone viewing my journal can make note of this occasion:

now.. i hope you all remember that!!

hehe.. now.. i'm off to go grocery shopping...

ps... i quit school about 3 weeks ago.. too much health problems going on right now, almost had a mental breakdown in front of my doctor.. things will get better.. i'll explain more later!!


wut fun!!!   
10:14pm 05/02/2005
mood: chipper
so.. i get all pissy, cuz Blane is being a total asshole and i need a vacation!!

i then decide.. i'm gonna take a bath, shave my legs, do my hair.. and DO something for a while tonite!!
i went to the silver dollar casino, where blane USED to work, and saw some friends there that i absolutely love!!!

First, there is Pete.. i dont' know him all that well, but he went to the Korn concert with us and he is such a sweet guy. he has such a great outlook on life.. he's just funny as hell too!!

Next, there is David.. David is my lil Jap!! when he FIRST started workin' at the casino, him and i instantly had stuff to talk about. He lived in Japan and actually RODE in the Yellow Submarine!! he's my lil Jew and i'm his Hitler!! *no, we aren't racist, or mean this to hurt anyones feelings, its a joke about some people we know*

Finally, there is JB, Johnny.... Johnny is amazing.. he can dance, he plays bass and guitar, he's so damn HOTT!!! Johnny was the first friend of blane's i met. He worked at the casino with him. the first time i went in there, he was all huggin' me and stuff... actually getting to know me.. it was kool.. he's a great friend... sometimes i wish i would have met JB BEFORE meeting blane.. he calls me his baby girl.. its funny.. i know if i ever needed anyone living up here, i would always be able to go to him.. he's truly a girls BEST FRIEND!!

those guys are so great.. so fun to be around.. they actually have things to talk about...

i think i'm gonna start going there more often to visit and hang out and stuff!!

once i start workin' out more.. and getting into my old clothes.. imight start going back to the clubs.. show these boys what a city gyrl can do!!

i'm out for the nite.. laterz!!

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03:09pm 05/02/2005
mood: tired
well, in the last month or so, my life is just nose dived to the bottom of the biggest hole in the world.

i had an MRI on monday the 31st. One of them head scan thingies... it SUCKED ASS!!!! The doctor that was giving the MRI had to give me a contrast injection in my arm, and he fucked it up. I won't know the results of my test until my doctor gets back from vacation, but i hope she says i'm okie!

Blane hasn't had a job since Nov. 21st... so the bills are just piling up on me... and i don't know if i can handle much more. Of the bills, not him. He's been helping with the apartment and putting out applications left and right, but it just doesn't seem to be working.

i've missed so many days of work for not feeling well with these damn headaches, the reason i had an MRI, that if i miss another day, i get fired. it's just so depressing lately.

then, my parents! they have decided to move. Officially. Like they have been telling me since i was 12!! i know i can't be selfish about it, but that's my FAMILY. my brother, my sister, my mommy!! i dont' want them leaving. It's all because of my stepdad... grrrrrrrr.. i hate him!!

i'm trying so hard to just make things better. i'm hoping i can pass my classes this quarter and next, and then take a year off to kind take a breather and get back in the swing of LIFE!!

i'm outta here.. i think i need a nap.. i feel a headache comin' on, and my medicine KNOCKS me out!!!


oh, and my "My Space page" is:http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=8100951&Mytoken=20050205151130
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04:02pm 21/01/2005
mood: bored
man.. i'm exhausted.. and i haven't posted in a while...

so.. people, how's it going?!!
lol... i'm doing okie.. just relaxing a lot lately... school just totally sux...work is totally boring.. life is really dull.. and i'm basically all lost in my little tiny hell hole of a world....

i don't know what all to say right now.. so much going on in my head.. but.. i'll try and make a real post soon.. i just wanted everyone to know i'm still alive!!

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08:17am 25/11/2004
mood: awake
hello to all my friends!! Happy thanksgiving all!!

hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the fun wtih your families!!

in other news.. i got a kool survey thing.. lol.. so.. ENJOY!!

(x) ever smoked marijuana
(x) been drunk
(x) kissed a member of the opposite sex
(x) kissed a member of the same sex
(_) crashed a friend's car
(_) stolen a car
(_) been to Japan
(_) played mailbox baseball
(x) ridden in a taxi
(x) been in love
(x) been dumped
(x) shoplifted
(_) been fired
(x) been in a fist fight
(x) kicked someone's ass
(x) snuck out of my parents' house
(x) ever had a crush on someone of the same sex
(_) ever dated someone of the same sex
(x) had feelings for someone who didnt have them back
(_) been arrested --- * but i was almost arrested in DC once!!* ---
(x) made out with a stranger
(x) stole something from my job
(_) celebrated New Year's in Times Square
(_) gone on a blind date
(x) lied to a friend
(x) had a crush on a teacher
(_) celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans
(_) been to Europe
(x) skipped school
(x) slept with a co-worker
(_) been married
(_) gotten divorced
(_) had children
(x) had sex
(x) seen someone die
(_) been to Africa
(x) had a crush on one of my Live journal friends
(x) Slapped someone I loved
(x) Driven over 400 miles to attend a show/festival/fetish ball
(_) Been to Canada
(_) Been to Mexico
(x) Been on a plane
(x) Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
(_) Thrown up in a bar
(x) Purposely set a part of myself on fire --- *it was with hairspray and my pants.. lol* ---
(_) Eaten Sushi
(_) Been snowboarding
(x) Met someone in person from the internet
(x) Been moshing at a concert
(x) had real feelings for someone you knew only online
(x) been in an abusive relationship
(x) been pregnant or got someone pregnant
(_) lost a child
(x) gone to college
(_) graduated college
(x) tried killing yourself
(x) taken painkillers
(x) love someone or miss someone right now
(_) met Bill Gates

i was bored, so i thought i would do that!!


~~ Holly
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I'm ALIVE!!   
06:51pm 11/11/2004
mood: complacent
haha.. so.. its been a month since my last update, but i figured i needed a break.. i seem to need a lot of breaks lately!

so... my foot is healed.. i have my last doctors appointment next wednesday. My work is paying for my doc bills, hospital bill and ambulance ride, plus anything else included, so that's kool! i've been driving for a couple weeks now.. and it's GREAT!! i will NEVER hurt my foot again!! *knock on wood!!*

school is fantastic. I think online classes is definitely the way for me. I'm getting a 95% in my financial accounting course, a 98% in my business Tech course, and a *cough 74% cough* in my Logic course... ITS SO HARD THOUGH!!! and the fact that i dont' have a failing grade surprises me!!

i get to sign up for next quarters classes soon. i'm taking financial accounting 2, Econ 202 *marco econ*, and maybe Geog 100, to help finish up my Gen Eds. all online of course, because it will be easier with my schedule at work and all that stuff.

After this weekend *THE BIG KORN CONCERT!!* i'm gonna be working 16 hours of overtime a week, so that should be fun. I'm kinda excited, because it will bring me more money to pay off my debt, buy my car and allow me to RENT A CAR for my vacation, should my grammy go through with her deal to buy my ticket to PA.

i've given up on trying to plan to go to PA to visit and for vacation, so i'm just gonna wait and go with the flow. hopefully i make it out there soon, but, who knows.. i just know i would LOVE to see my friends out there.. Stacey, Hayley, Steph, Julia, Stella, Jake, Andrew, Teresa... we'll make it simple.. EVERYONE!!! and when i come visit, i'll just fly into Philadelphia, pick up steph,*who will graduate in december!* and we will visit the school... who knows, maybe i'll bring that guy i tag along wtih me... hehe.. Blane!

well.. i'm gonna get going.. I just paid all my bills online and i gotta finish my accounting homework!!


~~ Holly :-D
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04:40pm 08/10/2004
mood: aggravated

so today.. i had to pee.. at aroun 8 am.. and what happens?!.. i slip and fuck up my foot... big bulge on the side.. and i think my foot is BROKEN.. so i hobble out of the bathroom.. yelling for my friend krystal to get the supervisor.. i get put in a chair.. wheeled to a quiet room.. and told that the ambulance is coming, meanwhile.. i got this BULGE on the side of my foot that looks like someone stuck a HUGE jawbreaker under the skin...

finally.. i get taken to the hospital... find out that everyone got off work early anywayz cuz they were over staffed... figured out my foot wasn't broken.. but LUCKY ME.. i tore almost ALL the ligaments on the top part of my foot and now have to have crutches and wear this cast thingy for at LEAST 3 weeks...

today was just NOT MY DAY!!!

so if you wanna know how i'm doing now.. i'm doing all my homework because i'm not allowed to drive for almost a MONTH!!

this is how i feel... everyday... for 3 years   
06:35pm 07/10/2004
mood: depressed
i had a life... once

i was happy... once

i cared... once

i care... no more

life is... boring

school is... monotonous

work is... exhilirating

should i... give up?

my parents... dont care

my friends... dont care

my friends... are lost

i've lost... all hope

hope is... a dream

dreams are... nitemares

nitemares come... everynite

everynite I... cant sleep

sleep is... overrated

i think i'll... drop out

i think i'll... run away

i think i'll... hide

no one will...


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04:20pm 01/10/2004
mood: busy
i just wanted to post a little update...

first.. i got my laptop the other day.. bought it from the trusty ole Dell.com.. and i am SO HAPPY!! i'm playin' on it all hte time now.. lol

second.. i love all my friends.. you all rock...

and third... i can't believe that Mount Saint Helens.. about 100 miles from where i live.. not far from my moms.. had a small lil eruption this morning... it HIGHLY frightens me considering all the speculation around Mount Rainier waking up soon and EXPLODING... if mount st. helens is now awak.. lord knows how many months or weeks or even DAYS before Rainier wakes up.. if that happens... i might have my parents living with me because they live RIGHT in the line of fire for a Mount Rainier Eruption...


anyways... on to do my mounds of homework!!

leave a message!!

~~ Holly

ps.. i'm gonna be in ellensburg ALL DAY on sunday!! Lisa Lu.. you're next!!
hey little sister, who's the only one....   
05:45pm 24/09/2004
mood: aggravated
so my job kicks ass!!! and i love it... dream job.. right here!! i've already been told i'm up for priority shifts when we have shift bids.. and also.. i had the highest score on our customer care test... and have been getting top marks on my call stats while on the phones... so.. i'm doing awesome!!

Blane and i are past our 6 month mark.. and its so exciting!! we've been through a few rough things so far this month.. jsut trying to get everything situated with my new job, and school, and we hardly ever even see eachother anymore.. its rough...

my mother and i got into a huge fight and i am not going to talk to her again until she calls me and apologizes... she called me a failure to my family, told me i was taking the easy way out for my laugh, called me a fat lazy slob who "settled" for Blane because i didn't want to work hard to have someone better, and basically blamed me for everything that i could possibly think of.

meanwhile.. my grandmother *whom i listen to more than anything in the world* tells me she couldnt' be prouder of me and is glad that i'm breaking free from my mother and moving on to my own life, told me that the family is actually really proud of me. as for Blane, just because he doesn't look like a GQ cover model, doesn't mean that he isn't the perfect guy for me... my mother seems to think that we are ABSOLUTE opposites.. when really.. we aren't.. she thinks she knows who i "Really am" when in fact she has no fucking clue. and as for being a fat lazy slob?!?! well.. granted.. i've put on a few pounds.. all of it has been since i had an abortion in May.. and i've been depressed.. but now i'm getting better.. and i've started losing weight again..a nd with this new job and schedule.. i'm getting more into gettin' to the gym like i used to do.

i just want to make it clear to EVERYONE.. i could care less what you think about me, or Blane, but i have found someone who allows me to be me, is proud of things i do, encourages me with school and helps me out with everything. He loves me no matter how i look, sick or healthy.. he hugs me and takes care of me even when i'mmad at him or he's mad at me. If you wanna talk about two people who could possible be real soul mates.. i think it could be blane and I... i'm not rushing ANYTHING in this relationship.. other than the fact that we live together... but... we fit together so well.. and bring so many different points of view and aspects of life to our relationship table.. i don't think we will ever get bored of eachother... and i'd like to keep it that way....

I just wish my family could see how much i really care about him.. yes.. i love him.. yes.. i know its only been 6 months.. but.. i'm not being dumb and running to vegas to marry him.. i'm taking my time to still get to know him.. and find out different things about him and his family... and i LOVE IT!!

anywayz.. i should get going.. i'm trying to get ahead in my classes... they are online.. so.. it will be really easy!!

until next time~

~~Holly :-)
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12:09pm 24/09/2004
  at work.. oh joy.. ijust have to say that this is the best job i have ever had.. it is so damn fun..

I just wanted to post a quick message that said i was still alive.. i started school on monday.. and online classes rocks ass.. lol...

anywayz... i will try and make another relaly long post later on tonite.. until then.. i miss all of you.. and hope that everyone is doing good.....

lots of love...

~~Holly :-)
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and.. i'm back!   
10:27pm 04/09/2004
mood: busy
okie.. so.. must tell everyone what's been going on... first of all.. the $1000... i got ahold of a super duper nice lady at the financial aid office.. and.. she changed the dates on all my info and got me 100% approved for financial aid.. and then some!!!! so.. i am super excited.. i can start school on Sept. 20th.. everything is all worked out for that.. YAY!!!

okie... so.. i i've been to two concerts in the last two weeks... one was last friday.. and it was a radio station concert.. 99.9 fm KISW Hooky day and family picnic! and on the main stage....... STATIC-X!!! YAY!!! i met them.. got autographs.. it was kool.. Tripp Eisen.. the guitarist.. SO KOOL!!! he's got a new BC Rich signature special "wave" guitar coming out in a month or so.. i think Blane might get it for me for x-mas.. YAY!!! that would so rock.. my own tripp eisen guitar.. if only i could meet him so he could sign it.. HAHA!!

then.. last nite.. i said "HEY.. ROLLOVER DJ!" when i saw JET!!!!! i was super excited.. they were doing this AOL for broadband show.. here in seattle!! and you could only win tickets from the radio to see them.. you coudlnt' buy them.. and Blane's friend Jeff won them.. so.. he bought one of the tix of jeff.. so that Jeff and i could go to the concert!! *blane had to work.. which is why he didn't go*.. and it was SO AWESOME!!!! he suprised me at 1:30 in the mornin'.. on wednesday.. when he came home from work.. man. i was SOOOO tired that day....lol but.. I SAW JET!!! YAY!!! "i said are you gonna be my girl!!"

hmm.. oh.. my grammy is in town.. i'm excited.. i get to see her tomorrow... it is gonna be so kool!! i miss her so much.. it'll be awesome to see her.. she lives in Nevada.. and since she is here.. she gets to meet blane.. yay.. right now.. i'm makin' brownies to take over to the BarBQ at my aunts house for my grammy!! it's gonna be kool!!

oooo.. and i started my new job at AT&T!! it's super kool.. i like it.. we are in training right now. but.. it's awesome.. so many nice people.. i love it already!

okie.. so.. here is the bad part... what i am about to say will affect over 50 people.. the only good part about it is.. the other 10 people in the world i talk to.. won't be affected.... but.. because of this new job at AT&T.. they won't let me go on my penn state vacation because i won'thave enough time built up by then... even if i had already boughten my ticket.... luckily i hadn't.. cuz.. tickets are non-refundable.. but.. i'm gonna see if there is a way i can get around it.. like.. by having someone cover my shift.. which might work... if its allowed at all... so... even still.. i have to find a ticket.. i've checked so many different flights.. there are no tickets for me to LEAVE pennsylvania once i get there.. which could be a good thing.. lol.. but.. it's not!!

so.. i'm gonna see what i can do about that... i'll try to do it somehow...

well.. i should go..i'm sleepy.. but.. i figured i might as well update and say "HI!!" while i could!!

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